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Everything you need to get started!

Conta Faktura is free to use, with no hidden fees and zero restrictions on the number of clients, products, invoices, or businesses per user. Any optional paid extras are clearly marked.


Switching from another invoicing solution to Conta Faktura is easy as can be. You can even import your old invoices so you have everything in one place! And they’ll be safe with our guaranteed 10 year safe storage, also completely free of charge.

  • Simple yet powerful

    Conta Faktura offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you create and edit invoices that look just like the finished result while you’re editing them. It only takes a couple of minutes to send an invoice, and you can even put them on automatic repeat so you never have to remember!

  • Detailed stats and reports

    Get accurate statistics with periodic key figures, product sales reports, payments and all the revenue data you need for your government VAT form.

  • Built-in debt collection

    Send your invoices straight to debt collection in Conta Inkasso with only a few clicks. Conta Inkasso is the easy way to collect what clients owe you, without the need for a debt collection agency.

  • Electronic invoicing

    Conta Faktura lets you send EHF-invoices to qualified clients for a small fee. They receive them almost instantly. The format is required by government organizations and institutions, and more and more private companies use EHF too.

Keep better track with Conta Pluss

KID functionality with automatic payments, unlimited file uploads, as well as projects and departments for each of your businesses. All for a small monthly fee. Conta Pluss requires a free account before upgrade. Get Pluss.


Everything you need to send invoices


From 129 NOK*
Additional features
Automatic payment registration with KID
Hide the Conta logo from invoices and emails
Unlimited storage of client documents
Unlimited project file storage (contracts, images, etc.)
Set to-do reminders on each client (with notifications)
Projects give you a better overview of your revenue
Send invoices from departments within each business
Export invoice data to accounting software
Three EHF invoices included per month (worth 29,-)
One credit check per month of Pluss 89 NOK)
Save time by duplicating existing invoices
Send invoices by email from the system without paying extra
*) 129,- for 1 month, 349,- for 3 months (10 % discount), 1290,- for 12 months (17 % discount). All prices ex. VAT.

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